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The most popular cellist on Twitter

Yo Yo Ma? Forget it… No account, just a few fakes.

Steven Isserlis, Alisa Weilserstein, Sol Gabetta? Not there.

What is it with cellists that they don’t tweet?

Maybe they’ve all given up on Twitter after hearing that one cellist has, as of this morning, 1,241,568 followers.

Her name’s Zoe Keating and this is what she does.

Zoe Keating, 40, is a Canadian cellist who found a mass following among techies. She does airports, too.

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  1. Great post! So important to feature musicians like Zoe who, often behind the back of the traditional music industry, find powerful ways to connect with people through the internet and on the ground. Those who are not afraid of thinking and doing things bottom-up and don’t hide behind the fragile curtain of “quality protection”. Thanks Norman!

  2. Does it sound like something that could be incorporated in a Karl Jenkins DGG “magnum opus”? Is Zoe’s twitter response is an indicator of where we’re headed? Prof. Bottici, any thoughts? What? Use it as background for a soap?

  3. Peter Metrinko says:

    Thank you for introducing us to Zoe Keating. I had no idea she was out there.

    I have one for you. The Ukrainian pianist Vika (Viktoria) Yermolyeva (currently in Frankfurt) was classically trained, won some minor competitions, then turned to heavy metal. Her channel vkgoeswild has 180,424 subscribers and her videos have 56,119,936 views.

    Here is what heavy metal sounds like on a concert grand.

    This is her big You Tube hit of a well known heavy metal piece.

    She does piano covers of anything people request (for a small donation) and thus has done Part’s Summa — — a movement from Vaughan Williams Fifth Symphony — — and some Hans Zimmer movie scores — There are no scores of the ZImmer pieces that are public so she has a very good ear.

  4. Zoe rocks. If you’re interested in metal cello, check out Apocalyptica too.

  5. Obviously you’ve not met the cellists of TwtrSymphony – While we adore Zoe Keating and cheer her 1m+ twitter followers, we think Elyssa Gilmar @ejcello Alison Wrenn @AWrennComposer Janet Horvath @playinglesshurt and Natalie Spehar @nataliespehar hold their own when it comes to value added tweets.

  6. Thank you all for the video links. I suspect that the following video is one of the most viewed cello videos on YT. Eleven million and counting. I have just read an article stating that total views for all of their videos is over 200 million.

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