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Stradivarius, stolen in London, is recovered in Bulgaria

A violin, snatched from Min-Jin Kym in a cafe at Euston station, may have been recovered in a police raid on the house of a gang leader in Bulgaria.  (UPDATE: It is thought to be the same instrument, but confirmation is still awaited.) An Irish traveller is on trial for the theft. A sign of cross-border cooperation, at both ends of the process.

Min-Jin Kym

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  1. Galen Johnson says:

    Apparently, “A sign of cross-border cooperation…” committing the crime as well…

  2. Michael Schaffer says:

    Unfortunately the article doesn’t mention how the instrument ended up in Bulgaria and how it was recovered.

  3. Not surprised, art is often used by criminal gangs as collateral.

    Glade to hear it was recovered, but come on, the owner should always be in an a protective mode in the presence of such a treasure.

  4. Gordon Gypsy says:

    This video is quite interestig! So called Stradivari violin looks very much like a cheap manufacture instrument….

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