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Seiji Ozawa conducted tonight

As part of his slow, steady comeback from serious illness, the Japanese conductor led a performance of Beethoven’s Egmont overture in Kyoto. Just 10 minutes, but it’s a start… Ozawa is scheduled to resume work in August.

Report here (in Japanese).


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  1. Fantastic conductor, who has given us a wonderful Mahler 8 recorded in Boston.

  2. Seiji Ozawa really is a fantastic conductor. I saw him many times when he was the conductor of the Boston Symphony. Those performances were heavenly. I really wish I could see and hear him again. He has had esophageal cancer and many other illnesses. I wish him lasting good health.

    Although Beethoven’s Egmont Overture is short, it is rich with artistic interpretation. It’s a very good choice for a short piece. I wish I could see and hear him conduct it.

    To your health, Maestro Ozawa.

  3. Fritz Curzon says:

    I’m sure he’ll feel better for meeting the lady in the picture- even though it could be dangerous to be near her. The sky can fall in…

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