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Minnesota founder’s family laments the orchestra’s present state

We have received the following communication from C L Scheurer about the Minnesota Orchestra lockout, now in its fifth month:

This is NOT what my grandfather Karl Scheurer had in mind when he came from Germany to build this Orchestra in 1909!



A pupil of Joachim in Berlin, not even 20 years old, he – first in Boston, after Joachim passed in 1907 – and eight members of my family once graced this stage.

My heart is broken over what has taken place! I opened the 100 year season and was published – my grandfather Karl was honored at the 75th Season and once again I watched him! He lived to be 97 years old! Look him up in “Music and Maestro’s” by John K. Sherman!

I was trained in piano, violin and viola by my grandfather and then chose a career in classical ballet. I hold the archives of this family – way back to the 17th century — Heart Broken – I knew Dorati and was on stage with him at age three! My father “Fritz” on the first stand of the Bass section — Osmo made this Orchestra sing as my dance colleagues would say! Such talent – gone – and for what?

musicians for minn

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  1. With all due respect, there may be seomthing more going on even than what C.L. Scheurer is aware of. Don’t give up hope.

  2. Amy Adams says:

    Scheurer’s remarks speak to the damage done by an inattentive (at best) board, to say nothing of the disingenuous management.
    More musicians are leaving as we read this. Even if the lockout ended this week and they returned to work immediately…so much artistic ground has been lost…how can they move forward with the Sibelius cycle and international tours on schedule? I don’t think they get what they’ve done. But that marvelous hall will have beverage service to die for…

    • Performing Artist52 says:

      ……….And those that rent the Hall for their weddings……….
      Private Performances
      Whether you need the energy of the full Orchestra or the intimate experience of a small chamber group, the musicians of the Minnesota Orchestra are ready to transform your event into a musical experience. The Minnesota Orchestra considers booking proposals as part of your Orchestra Hall stand-alone rental or off-site event.

      The above was copied directly from the Minnesota Orchestra website.
      Seriously? The musicians have been reduced to providing entertainment for non-artisitc events!

    • Amen! Tell it!

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