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Migration news: Ukraine loses top tenor to the US

Vladimir Grishko has announced that he’s leaving his native land ‘for the next 25 years’, to live in New York, where he has bought an apartment. It’s a no-brainer, he told local media. In America, you can get $15,000 a concert….


Grishko has sung Rodolfo, Pinkerton and other roles at the Met.

Here’s what goes on back home:

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  1. electronically amplified singing, and heavily-altered music engineered for a wider appeal? he’ll do just fine here in the US.

    • Derek Castle says:

      I’m just watching that great ‘opera singer’ Katherine Jenkins on Sky Arts. A lovely Welsh girl, I’m sure, but she shouldn’t be allowed to murder ‘Carmen’ on her show. I wake up sweating with the thought that Bryn will end his career singing Andrew Lloyd Webber with her!

  2. What I can’t ever understand is that most of what we hear today at the Met and other places is out-of-tune singing. This example being no different as his pitch is all over the place. $15,000 a performance they should demand more for the price they are paying. It’s appalling to say the least.

  3. he’s right….fleeeeeeeeee!

  4. There is a mistake with the commas for his fee!!!!! US is welcome…

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