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Message to our readers in Latin America: the old world is now available to you…

Some of you may know that I have published a column for many years in the fabulous Spanish magazine, Scherzo. Whenever I have asked if the magazine was on sale to Spanish speakers outside Spain, I used to be told how difficult it was to export heavy printed copies.

But that’s changed now. You can get a digital subscription to Scherzo – or to any part of it. Here’s a special message from the editor, Luis Sunen:



Scherzo, la revista líder en lengua española, está disponible en edición digital, con los mismos contenidos que la edición en papel.

Una gran noticia, sobre todo, para los aficionados latinoamericanos, que podrán disfrutarla más rápido y más barato.

Para suscribirse:


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  1. Rob2222 says:

    That’s an outstanding magazine! My wife gets the old issues from her mother in Spain. They also have a terrific concert series in Madrid.

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