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Menuhin’s accompanist, Hogwood’s teacher…. a great harpsichordist is gone

Rafael Puyana, the first outstanding classical musician from Colombia, died i Paris on Friday, aged 81.

He worked with Menuhin and Segovia, Mompou and Monstalvage.


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  1. MarcoRoberto says:

    Puyana was a very passionate musician and got a very big sound from his French Pleyel harpsichord, the same type of instrument that Wanda Landowska championed and others avoided. It was, for many, too big and too loud, but it matched his fiery playing and his temperament. A great musician who made great recordings that are still much cherished.

  2. Larry Katz says:

    A wonderful, exciting player. His Soler fandango may be the most exciting harpsichord recording ever made. I think he fell from favor with purists because he continued to use the Pleyel, but he got a terrific sound out of it. (Interesting that his Pleyel sounded so different from Landowska’s.)

  3. Thanks, Norman for these. The Bach is riveting!

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