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Just in: Menuhin Competition moves to America

It has roamed over the past three decades from Boulogne-sur-Mer to Beijing in China, but the Yehudi Menuhin Competition has never been staged before in the United States. Next year, it’s going to be in Austin, Texas.


The jury will be Pamela Frank, Chair (USA), Joji Hattori, Vice-Chair (Japan), Olivier Charlier (France), Ilya Gringolts (Russia), David Kim (USA), Brian Lewis (USA), LU Siqing (China), Anton Nel (South Africa/USA) and Arabella Steinbacher (Germany).

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  1. jim sillan says:

    it doesn’t matter where a competition is held. you’re still going to get the same generic performances. competitions have killed performance.

    • Martin Locher says:

      2012 Honens winner Pavel Kolesnikov’s words.

      ‘The juries normally are looking not for the person who does something exceptional, but the person who doesn’t make mistakes, which is completely wrong in my opinion. When I heard about Honens I thought this might be the place that they might want to hear my voice … it’s more like a festival than a competition.”

      A bit more in the video:

  2. Francis Schwartz says:

    I am surprised that the great violin professor Mauricio Fuks (Indiana U.) is not among the jury members. Maestro Menuhin thought him to be one of the world’s outstanding teachers.

  3. Ugh. The power of money (I believe it’s called ‘greed’) just ruins everything.

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