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Life and Seoul of the orchestra

My mate Gareth Davies, superflute of the LSO, has hit the streets of South Korea so jetlagged he can hardly keep his head out of the Kimchi.



No matter. Bleary-eyed, lost in translation or half-blotto, Gareth still blogs better than any player on the planet – as was manifest recently when another London orchestra (spare their blushes) appointed a player to tweet away on tour. What we got from him was a brushed-my-teeth-had-breakfast blog. Gareth tells it how it really is. Read him here. Slice of life. More Kimchi, anyone?



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  1. Steve de Mena says:

    Those on Twitter should also follow the funny, stylish & beautiful first violinist of the London Symphony Orchestra Maxine Kwok-Adams, @maxinekwokadams:

    Always lots of amusing updates & pictures when on tour.

  2. Alexander Hall says:

    Norman is entitled to his mate Gareth’s musings. I too read the “other” blog which Norman slates. However, careful reading of the two – as opposed to pure prejudice – will show that there is really very little difference. It’s all about ablutions and watering the horses and kipping down (or not, as the case may be) with very little musical content indeed. As a case study of what occupies the minds of orchestral players when they are on tour, it’s quite revealing. I’m not sure it’s necessarily the right thing for any orchestral website though.

  3. Michal Kaznowski says:

    Very good. It is just like that. Exquisitely captured. When you are that tired, survival kicks in.

  4. Pira Beresford says:

    I’ve read the blog, it’s OK but nothing special and doesn’t tell me anything that isn’t already familiar to anyone with experience of long-haul travel combined with having to work. Jet-lag is not unique to musicians.

  5. Alex Hartmann says:

    I will openly admit to being an unabashed fan of Gareth Davies. I’ve been following his blog for about a year now and I’ve learnt more about the life of a world-class symphony musician than I ever considered. For those who think there ought to be more talk of music and less about the demands of travel, I invite you to read one of my favourite posts of his. I do hope you’ll forgive the shameless plug for Gareth’s blog. Like I said, unabashed fan. It’s here and I highly recommend giving it a read.

  6. Maggie Z says:

    I love Gareth’s blogs..real, funny, good writing

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