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Just in: orchestra flashmob is taken to hospital

Students at Jerusalem’s Rubin Academy of Music and Dance perform a medical variation on the popular flash-waltz at the new Sarah Wetsman Davidson Hospital Tower. As it happens, I had dinner with the oboist only the other Friday night…

All players get a credit on the Youtube page. Nice to see that.

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  1. Mati Braun says:

    I am proud of them.

  2. Rosalind says:

    Now that’s a really cool location to do a flash mob in. Bet it cheered up everyone’s day!

  3. Lovely. Just lovely.

    I wish more orchestras would consider doing this in hospitals.

  4. I direct a hospital choir made up of doctors, nurses, staff, and volunteers. It’s not the most musical of groups (most can’t read a note of music) and I can’t do particularly great repertoire with them, but it’s amazing to see the positive affect that they have both on others and on themselves. We went “flash mob caroling” through the hospital during Christmas and, while we had planned our route to not “interfere” with areas like the ER and ICU, staff members insisted on us coming in to carol once they saw how it affected the patients’ and staff’s moods. One particularly moving instance was when we sang Silent Night in the geriatric psych wing. Patients who (as I was told later) are normally practically comatose opened up and even started singing or humming along. I could see the tears in some of the choir members’ eyes. I’m now working with the President/CEO of the hospital to incorporate more musical initiatives. It moves me even as an orchestral conductor outside his comfort zone directing choir deeply to work with these passionate healthcare providers.

  5. stanley cohen says:

    Aren’t our kids beautiful!

  6. Lovely,

  7. The Unanswered Question says:

    Bravo!! I loved this. What a nice thing to do. And those young musicians did a very nice job.

  8. Wow!

  9. doraheller says:

    absolutely gorgeous all hospitals should welcome this amazing therapeutic wonder.

  10. All I can say is, Hallelujah.
    The Wonder of Music. The Wonder of Love.

  11. Wow!

  12. Lovely.

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