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Just in: Maazel cancels on Vienna Phil

Just up on the VPO website:

Due to a case of the flu, M° Lorin Maazel is unable to fly to Europe and is thus forced to cancel the direction of the 8th Subscription Concerts on March 23rd at 3:30 PM and March 24th at 11:00 AM. The new dates for the 8th Subscription Concerts will be June 1st and 2nd, 2013. The conductor and the program for these concerts will be announced shortly.


Yesterday, he announced that he had conducted the last Don Carlo of his life:


‘All good things must come to an end’, the saying goes. This week at New York’s Metropolitan Opera, I concluded the seven-performance Don Carlo series.

I know now I shall never again conduct Verdi’s masterpiece.

For no other reason than the wish to retain intact and unsullied the sounds and sights of a dream cast in a sane and esthetic staging.

Farewell, tender lovers Elisabetta and Con Carlo.
Farewell. self-pitying King Philip.
Farewell, monster Grand Inquisitor.
Farewell, ravishing Eboli.
Farewell, noble Rodrigo.
Farewell, Music only a Human God could have written.

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  1. I have just heard from inside sources that they are not even trying to find a replacement conductor or even change the program. Could they really just cancel a whole week of planned rehearsals and concerts? What a missed opportunity to feature the next generation of conductors.

    • John Kelly says:

      I was going to fly all the way from NY to Vienna to hear the original programme (Alpine Symphony and Poem of Ecstasy – a double header impossible to resist) and then decided to cancel my trip when Maazel cancelled the Alpine and replaced it with something else (I think it was Brahms 3 which I don’t think he does well at all and you can hear anywhere). Good job I didn’t book my flight (nonrefundable natch) etc etc etc.

      I have never heard of an orchestra cancelling a whole event and shifting it out a couple of months which is what the VPO website says they’ve done.


  2. As I could understand the reason is just health. No connections with the recent investigation results, right?

  3. Marguerite Foxon says:

    Hmm … so its not just singers who cancel then?

    • This time last year, Maazel cancelled on a few concerts of VPO’s tour, starting with Helsinki. Health was given as the reason. Sakari Oramo stepped in on very short notice. Maybe it’s the flu season? And I guess the singers that were accused of too much cancelling are younger than Maazel, by a few decades.

    • Marguerite, I’m not saying that Pappano is right or wrong, but he made his comments focusing clearly on newly and younger singer generations. How many 83 years old singer are still working? I know you’re were just joking, but it wasn’t fair.

  4. What is wrong with the fucking Vienna Philharmonic management????!!!!

    This is the FITH year I have been turned down for New Years tickets, not just New Years Day but the days leading up to as well.

    There’s something quite wrong about this ticket selection process. Is this corrupt? What is going on??? Someone explain.

    • Mark Stratford says:

      Calm down Alan. I’ve been turned down for tickets at Bayreuth for 20+ years and don’t go around swearing like you.

      You’re lowering the tone.

    • I was wondering if the F* word was applied to any other institution, if it wouldn’t be allowed by this blog.

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