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Is this the new Pope’s first opera? And will Muti conduct it?

Verdi’s sixth opera is not often seen, and Riccardo Muti does not often work in Rome. But the new production of I Due Foscari, directed by Werner Herzog, was deemed a triumph when it opened last week – and we know that one of the few indulgences enjoyed by the ascetic Pope Francis is a love of opera.

So when is he going? The next show’s tomorrow.


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  1. That’s promising! Thus far we only heard he loves football and tango!

  2. Gerald Churchill says:

    Like any self-respecting Argentine, the pope is a football fan.

  3. He is indeed an opera buff (not buffo, at least not yet). But the last “Foscari” is tonight, Saturday. So perhaps Muti’s Rome “Nabucco” in July. Although the idea of the Pope seeing Wagner’s “Rienzi, the Last of the [Roman] Tribunes” at the House in May is intriguing!

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