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How Lady DeLay taught me to play

Anne Akiko Meyers reveals the dark secrets of Juilliard’s super-teacher. Read here.


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  1. Mark Stratford says:

    The great piano teacher Fanny Waterman once said that she never, ever sent her piano students to Associated Board exams because there was far too much emphasis on scales. Young pianists, she maintaned, should instead work on creating a nice sound.

    But probably it’s different for strings players ?

    • Herbert Pauls says:

      Why not do scales with a nice sound? They will be more effective if the physical mechanism is moving with more suppleness. Reminds me of the Schnabel anecdote. Someone once asked him if he played with feeling or if he played in time. He responded by saying, “Can’t one feel in time?”

  2. …and lay across my big brass bed…

  3. Seriously, I was expecting a little more beef there.

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