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Fastest rising classical albums in the US sales charts

The top two in the Nielsen sales charts are unchanged this week – the film soundtrack of Quartet and 50 shades of porn.

But fast behind are the hot vocal disc of the year and the most popular pianist. A good week for Decca with five albums in the top ten.

kaufmann wagnerlisitsa rach

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  1. I admit I was skeptical when Decca sent me the recording, but I’ve listened to that Lisitsa Rachmaninov CD set and I have to admit that it’s “pretty darn good”. Very impressive!

  2. David Boxwell says:

    Dame Moura Lympany rolls in her grave as her Debussy plays while unspeakably dreadful business by _some_ people accompanies the “50 Shades of Grey: the Classics” (personally selected by the author!) “soundtrack.”

    Kaufmann/Runnicles sales benefited from 7 whole minutes devoted to interviewing the tenor on NPR’s morning news show a couple of weeks ago.

  3. Martin Bookspan says:

    I first heard Valentina when she and her husband, Alexei, came over from Ukraine as contestants in Miami’s famed Dranoff International Two Piano Competition some 15 years ago. I happened to be on the Jury that year and I well remember what I wrote in my Blue Book after hearing a few minutes of their playing: What a primo! Julian Kreeger, a local attorney, piano savant and owner of a high end record label, Audiofon, immediately got to work and recorded some duo piano literature with the couple, referred to affectionately as Val and Al. Also there was some solo piano music played by Valentina; among that latter group was a stunning performance of the First Shostakovich Piano Concerto.

    I agree completely with your review of the just-published Rachmaninoff set, Norman. Aside from Valentina’s blinding virtuosity everywhere on display, she identifies completely with the music and imbues each of the works with a total perception and command. And kudos also to the London Symphony Orchestra, their Conductor for the project, Michael Francis, and Producer, Michael Fine. Together they have produced recordings of Rachmaninoff’s music for piano and orchestra that undoubtedly will set the standard for generations to come.

  4. There’s an interesting discussion about her playing of Beethoven’s “Für Elise” here:

    Don’t forget to read the comments below the article!

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