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Drink and drugs in the orchestra – a Der Spiegel special

So musicians are human after all, writes the German news magazine. Some 30 percent suffer from stage fright, 13 percent severely. So what do they do?

Der Spiegel picks up a very small piece of research that confirms what we already know. Click here.

drunk musician

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  1. I like the pic provided..perhaps for someone who has played an all Mahler concert the night before?:)

    • John Koen says:

      No, it was Berlioz Symphonie fantastique — I’m certain there’s opium behind the cigarettes, and probably absinthe hiding in the beer bottle!

    • More like an all-Petterssen concert. Nothing else has quite the same effect.

  2. Observer says:

    After Schubert Great with all the repeats!

    • I assume you mean with the Scherzo repeats after the Trio too. These are normally omitted — along with the parallel evening-lengthening case of the Scherzo of Beethoven’s 9th — in modern performances but may have been included in the early 1800s. Other suggestions along this line would be the double slow-movement repeats in Mozart’s 40th Symphony. But it think the picture most clearly demonstrates what happens after (during?) a complete 840-repeat performance of Satie’s Vexations.

  3. stanley cohen says:

    I didn’t look like that after Mahler 2 or Mahler 8. I wonder what she’s on?

  4. Richard Hallam says:

    That’s my mother you’re talking about!

  5. Now that’s a stand partner I’d sit next to.

  6. Rhinemaiden, obviously.

    • Yes, but cosmopolitan enough to drink Canadian beer (Molson’s?), though no comment for the Pepsi. Unfortunately, yours truly could not get close enough to confirm with certainty the brand, nor timely enough to share the swill with Miss Rheingold.

  7. Peter Freeman says:

    Surely she just sang Isolde … in Holland Park?

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