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Downsizing in New York: 92nd St Y shuts downtown venue

The buzzier, younger, 92Y Tribeca is being axed. All the usual equivocations. Report here.


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  1. Francis Schwartz says:

    What sad news. This closing of the 92 Y Tribeca site attests to the growing cultural poverty in the United States. If only 1% of the subsidies our government gives to the oil and banking industries would be utilized for sustaining cultural institutions, we would not witness the demise of so many artistic entities. The wealthiest nation in the world is so very , very poor. Quo vadis, USA ?

    • The city is getting clobbered, though there are some cultural projects that still seem on track like the Whitney Museum High Line-Hudson River mega museum by Renzo Piano, but the Whitney trustees, at least some of them, are billionaire investors who have the system wired and will get the job done. The question is what will be the art and the cultural vision of the art that they promote, and what will they exclude or censor?

  2. What?

    You don’t think the trials and tribs of Honey Boo Boo and Gator Huntin’ and Hoarder Interventions ain’t culture?


    • David Boxwell says:

      The Duck Dynasty Foundation Cultural Center for the Performin’ Arts?

      Ain’t never gonna happen…

  3. Considering what goes on there, its a welcome act of euthanasia.

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