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Captain Peacock is no more

The actor Frank Thornton, who played Captain Peacock in the department-store comedy Are You Being Served? has died, aged 92.

Are You Being Served?, which ran on BBC1 from 1972 to 1985, regularly drew 20 million viewers.

Watch from 04:15.

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  1. Graf Nugent says:

    That’s it, all the principals have gone: Miss Brahms, Mrs. Slocombe, Mr. Lucas, Mr. Humphries and now Captain Peacock. That just leaves Mr. Rumbold (Nicholas Smith). Does that mean we’re getting older, too?

  2. Bill Benson says:

    As Young Mr. Grace used to say, “You’ve all done very well !”

  3. richardcarlisle says:

    Great entertainment, would never have heard of the show and Frank Thornton but for you and have to say you’ve given a wealth of recent material– especially your article in WSJ…my gratitude I’m sure speaks for us all.

  4. David Boxwell says:

    My pussy and I are simply _devastated_ to learn of this sad news.

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