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Buster Keaton composer is gone

Gerardo Gandini, one of the foremost Argenine musicians, died on Friday aged 77.

He was briefly music director of the Teatro Colon and the Buenos Aires Philharmonic, and he also played as a pianist in Astor Piazzola’s band, but the thrust of his work was composition.

He will be best remembered for an opera, The Passion of Buster Keaton.


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  1. Francis Schwartz says:

    I lament the passing of my friend and colleague Gerardo Gandini. He was a superb musician whose skill and inventiveness will always be remembered.

    In 1977, I flew from Paris to Maracaibo , Venezuela to conduct my “Cannibal-Caliban” at the newly established music festival. Leading composers from the Americas were featured in this celebratory gathering. When I arrived, I discovered that the musicians originally contracted to perform with me would not be available. Without missing a beat, Gerardo, who was also participating, said to me,” Francis, don’t worry.I’ll get some friends and we will perform it with you.”
    He subsequently was joined by composer performers Alcides Lanza and Sergio Cervetti. The result was a magical interpretation that I will never forget. This was an example of Gerardo Gandini’s generosity.

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