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Batman composer turns bedroom into sound studio

Kristopher Carter is selling his Burbank house. Prospective buyers should be aware that the spare bedroom is a bit… soundproofed. Mr Carter bought the house in 2009 for $1.08 million. After improvements, he wants $1.095m. Sounds like there’s a Hollywood property slump.

kristopher-carter-20130312-001photo: (c) Myles Regan/LA Times


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  1. Crumbs! not the best studio I’ve ever seen. Looks like a nice shiny reflective floor parallel to the nice smooth, reflective ceiling, and a nice big reflective window. I don’t suppose he did any serious sountrack work there – if so then the studio design textbooks might need revisiting!

  2. I think all resides in the computer – the Vienna Orchestral Library is commonly used for scoring… Plus I am sure final mix-downs are never done there… So probably room acoustics are not a big factor…..

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