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Barbara is making a comeback

If you missed my radio documentary on the French singer-songwriter in December 2011, there will be a repeat next Sunday evening on BBC Radio 3.

If you don’t know what the fuss is about, read this and listen:

barbara millot

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  1. I am sooooo delighted that this programme will be repeated next Sunday and that Barbara can be heard and known beyond France. When I first came to live in Paris 19 years ago, she was one of the first musicians I ever heard (via radio) – of course, I fell utterly in love with what I came to know as her unmistakeable style; that voice you cannot muddle with anyone else’s. Barbara is not only an icon for music itself, but for poetry, for history, even for international diplomacy (with ‘Goettingen’).

    Thank you so much for posting – and for a wonderful programme!
    Long live Barbara!

  2. Martin Bookspan says:

    I had heard OF her but until your post, Norman, I had never HEARD her. Thanks for introducing the non-French audience to an obviously enchanting performer.

  3. Jim Ruane says:

    Vive Barbara, indeed. Mais, elle n’est jamais partie!
    A new generation of French singers — Daphne, Camille, Biolay, etc., —
    is reinterpreting her songs, though perhaps not with the same rapture.
    I saw Barbara in concert quite a few times and it was often an
    emotionally turbulent yet always exhilarating experience.
    Bravo to the BBC for reviving this program, and thanks Norman for alerting us.

  4. This was such a delight. She’s one of my favorite musicians.

  5. richardcarlisle says:

    Uniquely magical stylist, brilliant tone and delivery… why do we spend so long being so unaware of such treasures….. what’s NOT to like!!

  6. Perhaps ‘Nantes’ is the most interesting and painful of her songs as she describes her feelings in going to her father’s funeral. This so called father had abused her as a child. I am not sure whether this is autobiographical or not.

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