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And the winner of the Herbert von Karajan music prize is…

EditaGruberova_foto Antoni Bofill

…. the soprano Edita Gruberova, known in central Europe as the Queen of Belcanto. The prize is worth 50,000 Euros and a vanity evening at the Baden Baden Festpielhaus. Past winners include¬†Anne-Sophie Mutter, the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, Alfred Brendel, Cecilia Bartoli, John Neumeier and Valery Gergiev.

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  1. Istvan Horthy says:

    I see no point in awarding a large sum of money to a well-known retired singer who is presumably pretty rich already. What about helping young artists?

    • I always thought the idea of this prize is that the established artists use the money in order to help young artists in their orbit. Anyway, that’s what I recall from last year when Helmuth Rilling won it and said that’s what he was doing with the money.

    • Katalin Szabo says:

      According to the Wikipedia entry about the prize
      the money must be used by the recipient to help further the careers of young musicians.

      Edita Gruberova supports several organizations related to children. The Wiener Saengerknaben is one of them. So she has already donated to the musical education of children.

      Also, she is still active as a singer and still sings leading roles, so she can hardly be called “retired”.

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