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A violin story to tug the heartstrings of China

Our correspondent Rudolph Tang brings us the following everyday story from Xinhua, the state news agency.

Gao Yuan is standing on a tiny stage in a local restaurant. The girl from Harbin, 27, wants to play one more piece to help save her mother’s life.

Playing violin in the restaurant is Gao’s first job. She earns 50 RMB (approx $7) per piece. On a good night she can make 400 RMB.

Gao’s father died of cancer in 2010. Three months ago her mother was hospitalised with a brain hemorrhage. Gao gave up her post graduation studies in the US and flew back to Harbin, her flight paid for by classmates. Since then she has taken care of her mother. Now her mother is getting better. Gao has received several offers as private tutor. The Heilongjiang Symphony Orchestra also wishes to book her in a concert. Things are looking up.


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  1. Rudolph Tang says:

    Thank you Norman.

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