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A singer’s best friend is found…. in a sex shop

A Canadian researcher claims that pressing sex toys to a singer’s throat can help boost vocal energy. The research appears to be in its early stages so the best way to find out is by trying it yourself. Anyone who doesn’t reply to mails over the next day or so, we know what you’re doing… Maybe try it first with a friend.

Read a report on the research here. Please report back in Comments with your own results.


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  1. Does that account for excessive vibrato……….?

  2. I wonder if that will work for piano technique.

  3. Watch for sudden FFFFFFFFs in the sopranos.

  4. It's That Steve Again (ITSA) says:

    Well blow me down

  5. Petros Linardos says:

    What kind of placebo will the study use for the control group?

  6. Good to know this the next time the TSA finds a vibrator when they inspect your luggage:

  7. the funny thing to me is that people are flipping out about non-harmful vibrations (in the neighborhood of 120 Hz) improving people’s singing. that is literally the point of warming up, and the point of healthy technique. creating healthy vibrations in the larynx and vocal cords. this is news to no singer.

  8. This is hilarious!

  9. Timon Wapenaar says:

    This doesn’t work at all: I sound like Charles Aznavour!

  10. O Canada!
    Is this a spinoff of Sex Education taken from their kindergarten and elementary school classes?
    Of course, like most highly funded research, it’s pure rubbish, maybe even harmful.
    Hey, this could be a candidate though for Harvard’s Ignoble Prize yearly event.

  11. Graf Nugent says:

    Apart from Lulu and Powder her Face, what other operas could benefit from this research? Methinks the researchers were snowed in one afternoon and had a lot of beer in the fridge…

    Maybe a concert A could become a concert Ah!

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