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A great pianist takes up the accordion

You could – kind of – imagine Richter doing this. Off-camera, of course.

It saves a lot of pedal work.


denis matsuev

Now guess who else is a closet accordionist.

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  1. What a great clip! As for Richter, might his accordion have hinted at a Samson deep in thought, bringing down the edifice with the power of a nuclear explosion?…….or Gould? maybe deconstructing it in his summer/winter overcoat at his rarified studio, with transcriptions of Berg, Bach, Strauss and his very own voiceover narrative? And let’s not forget the international competitions: Moscow, Warsaw, Beijing…..Almaty……and, Las Vegas, …….. or the accordion orchestras (starting with the MAO in Minnesota premiering in its new hall to be)……and ACCORDION OPERAS!! (dig those vocals, “with soap they’re loaded”),……..or, a Chinese-financed BRICs expedition to Mars simultaneously piping the “Internationale” and “God Save the Queen”, Ivesian style……. accordion renditions by monkey and dog in party hats (though not clear which one is playing what). It would be a veritable “music of the spheres” with everyone rocking and rolling, without bombs bursting in air…….at least until Dr. Teller (disguised as Peter Sellers?) returned to remind us of the existential dangers of a nuclear-free world.

  2. Wow! Denis seems such a good sport!

  3. richardcarlisle says:

    Refreshing entertainment– good as a cool drink on a most oppressive summer day… made my day, THANKS.

  4. Roberto Gonzalez says:

    In my book, PERFECT PITCH is the ability to throw an accordion in the toilet without hitting the rim…

  5. Very entertaining. (I don’t know much about the accordion but I don’t think Matsuev was using his left hand much.)

  6. Julian Rowlands says:

    For a pianist to play piano accordion the main additional skill is being able to lift the instrument. If he had played the correct instrument for Piazzolla then it would have been more impressive – and more aesthetically pleasing (then again I have a professional bias).

  7. It’s a step-up from his performance, some years ago, in the center ring of a circus. You can’t teach taste in a conservatory.

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