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Who is this ‘international’ Bulgarian pianist?

We have acquired three photographs from Bulgaria, taken in the late 1940s.

This formidable-looking lady is described as ‘Bulgarian international concert pianist’. Any ideas?



And this conductor and orchestra are clearly doing their bit for Stalinist propaganda. Who are they, where and why?

bulgarian concert xxx 002bulgar concert xxx 003



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  1. Jean-Louis R. says:
  2. The oracle says the pianist is Tamara Jankova the head of the piano dept at State Conservatory at the time and the conductor is none other than Pantcho Vladigerov.

  3. Fergus Johnston says:

    Norman, isn’t it a bit unfair to say that the musicians are “clearly doing their bit for Stalinist propaganda”? They were just earning a buck. How many musicians get to choose what banners they play under? If, however, they were a visiting orchestra from a western democracy, they would “clearly doing their bit for Stalinist propaganda” and could be so described.

  4. I’ll try… am having trouble at the moment.

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