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Weekend transfer news: ENO chief grabs shower power

Ed Gardner, music director of English National Opera, is to succeed Andrew Litton in 2015 at the Bergen Symphony Orchestra. Bergen, home tow of Edvard Grieg and Ole Bull, has the heaviest annual rainfall of any major conurbation - 2,250 mm (89 in) a year. Ed’s gonna get wet.

Ed Gardner OBE

Elsewhere, Graz Opera has swiftly recalled its previous assistant chief conductor, Dirk Kaftan, to replace Johannes Fritzsch, who has quit Austria for Australia.


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  1. Dear Norman, Bergen does have more than its fair share of rain, with an average of 200 rainy days each year thanks to the influence of the Gulf Stream. Annual rainfall is however a mere 2250 mm and the town is not even close to being the wettest place in Europe (that privilege goes to Crkvice, Montenegro with an annual rainfall often around 7000 mm). Bergen’s meteorological “fame” rests with the chance of daily precipitation not the amount of rain per se. I think I should get out more….won’t forget the umbrella, and no, there are no longer such vending machines in town.

    • A joke I heard last time I was in Bergen:
      Exasperated tourist asks little boy: “Does it ALWAYS rain in Bergen?”
      Little boy: “I don’t know — I’m only six”.

  2. Graf Nugent says:

    Bergen is gorgeous. I’d rather get soaked there than get skin cancer in some mediterranean hellhole.

  3. Mark Mortimer says:

    Yes, I was in Bergen once in mid-July and got soaked on in a pilgrimage to Grieg’s house at nearby Troldhaugen.

    Lets hope it doesn’t rain too much on Ed’s gorgeous locks and spoil the effect.

    Lets also pray in the hope, metaphorically, that EG dosen’t offer the Bergeners too much of the piss poor, damp squib type of conducting that he’s so capable of in London.

  4. Jeremy Pound says:

    It’s the Bergen Philharmonic, not Symphony, Orchestra.

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