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Warning to Grammy performers: do not expose your…. oh, whatever

The following notice has been issued by the CBS network to all artists who appear at the Grammy awards:

Please be sure that buttocks and female breasts are adequately covered. Thong-type costumes are problematic. Please avoid exposing bare fleshy under curves of the buttocks and buttock crack. Bare sides or under curvature of the breasts is also problematic. Please avoid sheer see-through clothing that could possibly expose female breast nipples. Please be sure the genital region is adequately covered so that there is no visible “puffy” bare skin exposure.


Pink, we think, is just about ok.

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  1. richard hardingham says:

    I am sure Sir Simon rattle will obey the rules.

  2. richardcarlisle says:

    Is it true hospital gowns forcibly applied will be worn through the evening’s events by anyone — regardless of gender — in violation of decent attire standards?

  3. The way things are going these days, I can see this becoming a standard wording in concert contracts for female classical artists…

  4. valentina Lisitsa says:

    CBS is plagiarizing the notice Cardinal Carafa sent to Michelangelo re: Last Supper in Sistine Chapel some 500 years ago. The only difference – there was no misogynistic discrimination against “female nipples” back then . Nipples and breasts were a-OK, presumably because they didn’t unduly excite the imagination of average 16th century viewers.The more things change….

    • Well Valentina,

      I think CBS is plagiarizing Carafa in a way more square. As far as I could understand the text bellow, the problem is female breast and nipples exposure. Males are ok? Nice! What a shame that I won’t be at the Grammy in this case.
      By the way, come back to Brazil! You don’t need to come with H. Hahn again, you already got many supporters around here.

    • Stephen Carpenter says:

      Confused! Michelangelo –”Last Supper in the Sistine Chapel” ? Were you thinking “Last Judgment” which would be the second fresco on the altar wall? (Michelangelo won as I understand it.)

      • Stephen,

        Actually we were thinking about the Il Giudizio Universale. I did not talk with Michelangelo, but I can bet my whole fortune that he was not thinking or confused about any “last something…”.

  5. José Bergher says:

    Just what the world needeth again: here cometh the infamous Hays Code devised by Will H. Hays…

  6. Yes, save that stuff for the Oscars, and if you do, make sure you’re a nominee and you hire Bob Mackie.

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