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The last known pupil of Wanda Landowska

The American harpsichordist Irma Rogell has died, aged 94. She converted from piano to harpsichord after attending a Landowska masterclass in the 1950s and was accepted as a private student. She is thought to be the last direct pupil of the great harpschord revivalist.


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  1. Actually, there is at least one more student of Landowska’s still living. That would be Hilda Jonas, who just celebrated her 100th birthday on January 21, 2013. She lives in San Francisco, and I just received a card from her last week. Hers is a harrowing story of escape from Germany in 1938 with her husband and her Ebeloe harpsichord. She also studied piano with Rudolph Serkin. Here’s a link for more info:

  2. Kathlee McIntosh says:

    And John Hamilton, now living in Paris!

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