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Setback: Supreme Court gives thumbs down to orchestra rebels

A bid to stop the election of a new board of directors at the troubled Rochester Philharmonic Court has been overruled by a judge in the New York supreme court. Judge Kenneth Fisher declared the rebels’ arguments invalid. They had sought to overturn the dismissal of former music director Arild Remmereit. Report here.


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  1. Deceptive title, Norman ! The decision is not by the US Supreme Court (which would be rather surprising!), but by the New York Supreme Court, which is the lowest court in the NY State legal system.

  2. The New York State Supreme Court is very different than the United States Supreme Court. This headline does not represent the accurate court involved and should be changed to reflect it accurately. The New York State Supreme Court is a court in the state system, as opposed to the Federal Supreme Court which is the high seat of judicial review and power.

  3. The linked newspaper story rather oversimplifed the effect of Judge Fisher’s ruling. The issue is far from resolved and the immediate focus of the case is on the RPO Board’s election procedures and not specifically on the dismissal.

    Attorney Eileen Buholtz is moving forward with the “rebels’”case as described on their website:

    The sworn affidavits linked on that site provide insight into the actions of the RPO Board since the decision to terminate Arild Remmereit and the efforts of dissident members to change the governance of the RPO.

    It should be of interest to all who have expressed opions on this matter.

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