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Singer sues over misapplication of his famous name

There is no inoffensive way of telling this story, except to advise those of delicate disposition to avert their eyes. Done that? Here goes:

Chubby Checker The Twist side 2

An American nightclub singer, Ernest Evans, changed his name at the start of his career to ‘Chubby Checker’. He scored a huge hit with The Twist and another with Let’s Twist Again. By the early 1960s, Chubby Checker was a household name, worldwide.

No-one gave the name a second thought until recently when an enterprising app-maker used it as the name of his (or her) device for measuring, or checking, the size of a certain body part.

Mr Checker is unhappy about this. His lawyer is suing for half a million bucks. See more here.

Can’t wait to hear the case in open court.

Please be aware that he have engaged a chassidic rabbi and two carmelite nuns to moderate commets on this post.

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  1. There’s surely a mistake in the BBC story you’ve linked to, it says they are suing for $500m, that’s half a BILLION not half a million. That’s the kind exaggeration to which, perhaps, potential users of this app could be prone. Given that the app was supposedly downloaded only 84 times before being pulled, it’s hardly much to get worried about!

    But clearly whoever did it deserves a stiff sentence! … I’ll get my coat.

  2. The Unanswered Question says:

    I saw Chubby Checker a few years ago. He was performing at the Topsfield Fair, in Massachusetts. That day happened to be his 70th birthday. Not only did the man look fit and handsome, but he sang his hits with great energy, class and style, backed by a top-notch rock band. Everyone had a great time, including a young man with developmental disabilities and several other folks he invited to join him on stage. I suspect, though, judging from his performance, that Mr. CC was having the best time of anyone there. I do not like to see anyone’s name misused and hope the suit is settled promptly.

  3. Richard Herger says:

    The name Chubby Checker was obviously a humorous ripoff of Fats Domino.

  4. Ciaran O'Meara says:

    Something I just learned recently about the Twist was that it was the first dance that you didn’t have to do with a partner so was a great liberator for being a dance that you could look as if you were doing by yourself but could do with a friend of the same sex without raising much of an eyebrow.

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