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Phew! Indy orchestra reaches survival target

The Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra has made a small announcement on its website that it has raised the $5 million needed to its survival.

Great relief.

The ISO would like to thank each and every supporter of our “Life. It’s Better with Music” campaign for helping us exceed our $5 million goal. We will be recognizing all of you on our website very soon, but for now, THANK YOU!

indy orch

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  1. The community should have refused to support the bloated board, long history of mismanagement both fiscal and artistic, and helped the very talented musicians form an entirely new ensemble.

    As it is, the socially elite who comprise the board(s) will fail to get the message that it’s THEIR ineptitude that brought about the nonsense in the first place and thus, plus ça change…

    I’ll never give a nickel to them until they admit culpability, reduce the board size by about 80 percent and let the musicians do their thing without having to give up their earnings.

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