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New video: Symphony orchestra hijacks airport departure lounge

Things were fairly quiet this week at the Bucharest Symphony Orchestra, so 40 of the musicians got dressed up as  airline staff, pilots, traffic control officers and construction workers and took over the departure lounge at Henri Coanda International Airport.

Guess what? It got them on TV. Nothing much else does these days…

bucharest symph

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  1. Are Romanian musicians even being paid for their work these days? If they could afford a flight to London you might see them serving you coffee at the local Costa. Such a shame.

  2. Maestro Flash Montoya says:

    What’s the name of the conductor? He screwed up the violin cue, bringing them in two measures early. Watching this made me think this would never be possible in Germany: since performing fees are determined not by the length of the piece, rather by the capacity of the hall, the GEMA would droll at calculating a performance space with upwards of 10,000 persons.

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