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Kronos changes cellist, yet again

Three members of the ultra-contemporary Kronos Quartet have remained constant for most of its 40 years. The cellist has changed five times.

Stepping in now for Jeffrey Ziegler, who’s off to play solo and teach, is┬áSunny Jungin Yang, 28. Announcement on the Kronos website.


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  1. Carla Rincon says:

    It is a quite common problem with cellists
    No commitment with the groups, some even used the group’s contacts to get some opportunity for their “solo life”

  2. Michal Kaznowski says:

    All string quartets have their own dynamics. Hard to tell on the outside why people leave. Usually for the best reasons. That has always been the case with us.
    Michal Kaznowski Cellist Maggini Quartet

    • Hi Michal – Too bad our Quartet “commitment” issues – huh? By my calculation, you and I have 57 years between us, each consistent with the same group…

  3. In fact Kronos has changed cellists only 4 times, for a total of 5 cellists in their 40 year history.

  4. M.A. Steinberger says:

    Joan was with them 20 years. I consider that to be a pretty good commitment. She left for health reasons.

  5. Christopher Oakmount says:

    Stupid joke:

    What is a string quintet?
    - A very good violin player
    - A good violin player
    - A former violin player
    - A violin hater

    I know, it’s a cliche and does not apply to most plrofessional groups.

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