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Kidnapped maestro: US conductors move into action

There has been no progress in the terrible case of the Bremerhaven conductor Rodolfo Cazares, kidnapped in Mexico 20 months ago. Despite some encouraging words from the new Mexican government – despite vigorous interventions by his wife Ludivine, the French government, Riccardo Muti, Bloomberg Muse and others – there is no sign of Rodolfo’s whereabouts, or if he is still alive.

ludivine rodolfo cazares

Now the Conductors Guold in the US has urged its members to take action by increasing the political pressure on the Mexican authorities.

Here is an open letter to all conductors from Guild president, James Allen Anderson.


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  1. Mexico is a dangerous country for conductors. I know of a Dutch conductor who was once held hostage by the players of a Mexican orchestra he was supposed to conduct. On arriving at the airport, he was ‘collected’ by a couple of musicians to be driven to his hotel, but instead they forcibly kept him locked-up somewhere else for a couple of days until the administration of the orchestra agreed to rise the salaries of all the musicians. I don’t know how the rehearsels went, after this action.

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