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Just in: Rome orchestra receives huge gift from fashionistas

Nicola and Paolo Bulgari, makers of expensive jewellery, watches and accessories, have announced a 1.2 million Euro donation to Antonio Pappano’s orchestra, the Santa Cecilia.

The money, to be paid over across three years, is unusual for Italy both in scale and source. It’s a lot of money, and the glitz industry rarely gives to non-glitz classical orchestras.


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  1. NIce that the big boys are giving something back, but it is a fraction of what they (collectively) have all stolen and will never return.

  2. Galen Johnson says:

    In the world of charitable giving, 1.2 million euros is rather paltry.

    • What’s your point?
      We don’t know what else these folks might give to other organisations, so there’s no implication that this is it; and I’m sure the orchestra in question don’t find it too paltry. That’ll cover rather a number of player salaries to say the least. I can hardly see the point in attempting to find criticism when someone does what we are keen for them all to do!

  3. It’s a start! And wonderful news for Santa Cecilia!

  4. I agree, it’s a wonderful start. I don’t believe they are able to have receipts for charitable donations. Let’s hope this becomes the incentive for others. Ann

  5. Never understood how to pronounce “BVLGARI” – sounds slavic.

    • Richard Barker says:

      It means “Bulgarians” in Italian, the family being in fact of distant Greek origin at the time when Greeks and Bulgarians both lived in what was then the Ottoman Empire. The pronunciation is “Bull- Gary” with the accent on the first syllable, the letter U being written as a V as was customary in ancient Roman script.

  6. Rosana Martins says:

    I am happy to learn that a private company is giving to the orchestra. Hope it will serve as example for others to follow suit.
    People should not throw stones and discourage future donors!

  7. Paolo Noseda says:

    If you consider they will have a tax reduction of just €70,000 (which is less than 6% of the total amount) you could understand the importance of the donation. Surely they got a huge return in terms of visibility but I believe they did just because they are aficionados of Santa Cecilia and love Classical Music.

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