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Just in: Romania cancels Enescu Competition. Usual reasons.

The Romanian Ministry of Culture has called off this year’s international George Enescu Competition.

Budget difficulties are cited. A fortune, however, is still being poured into importing high-priced talent for the Enescu Festival.

The Ministry hopes to reinstate the competition next year as a biennial event. See here. Meantime, Enescu’s house is still falling down.


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  1. they arent pouring in as much tho…they have just cancelled a visit from with chart topping King’s Consort which has been in the books for a couple of years…….it seems you cant rely on anyone to honour any commitment these days… harumph!

  2. As Hans Sachs so aptly put it in Meistersinger, “Wahn, wahn uberall wahn!” Mad, mad, the world is mad!

  3. Coco Azoitei says:

    This is SO embarrassing for the Romanian Government, for God’s Sake.

    • and just before the barriers come down and the Uk is overrun by Romanians, if we are to believe our politicians…

      • Stuart Green says:

        Quite right

      • Click-clack says:

        “some” Romanian citizens, but this is not the point!
        Apparently the Romanian Minister of Culture has no idea about arts…

        • Mignon Thomas (@MignonSnooker) says:

          I believe that the Minister of Culture’s cultural experience may not be directly relevant here. The fiasco of an ambitious plan can be more painful and embarrassing than giving up the said plan altogether so it may well be a wise decision (OMG, it’s crisis!) and again it may not (OMG, it’s crisis + embarrassment!). To me, the big problem is that these people see art as money-spender, not as a great long-range medicine for a lot of society’s illnesses.

    • Mignon Thomas (@MignonSnooker) says:

      I have my doubts about that: what can “embarrass” a Prime Minister who wasn’t embarrassed even when the world discovered his plagiarism?!…

      Music is the last of these days’ governments’ worries except for the case when festivals can be turned into propaganda tools to get the same people re-elected on the same comfy spots & keep them there for as long as possible.

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