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Just in: Court orders Turkish pianist to be investigated for ‘autism’

A Turkish court has ordered Fazil Say, accused of blasphemy, to appear before it on April 15 following an investigation of ‘an autistic disorder’.

The pianist is accused of tweeting a message allegedly offensive to Islam. His defence counsel, Meltem Akyol, protested his right to freedom of expression. The complainant asked the court to consider autism as a possible cause of the outburst. (An earlier report attributing this request to the defence counsel was mistaken.)

Fazil Say was not in court for the hearing. He plays in Alicante, Spain, tonight.


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  1. Mignon Thomas (@MignonSnooker) says:

    Sad that lawyers must use such an argument but it’s also refreshingly new to see them work with something so close to the truth: I believe that each artist is, to some degree, autistic: must be and we wouldn’t have it/them any other way. Not the “looking into the abyss” nietzschean cliché, but the fact that they probably need to look for the high-up somewhere very deep within. lol

  2. How shameful and discouraging that the Turkish government cannot let itself be proud of its artists, but must force them to be politically correct in their discourse. Fazil Say and others should be celebrated as exhibiting the genius, artistry and creative spirit of Turkey and its people, and as citizens of the world, and not condemned for failing to uphold sectarianism.

  3. Stuart Green says:

    As we suspected Muslims can insult/criticize Christianity but don’t you dare insult Islam.

    • Stuart- I think it probably cuts across religious lines, even though we read more about Islamic fundamentalism these days than Protestant or Catholic or Jewish or Hindi, etc., fundamentalism. With every religion, you’ll someone or some sect with a rod up their a…..s. Better to create a beautiful garden, share a nice meal, and make love together.

  4. The lawyer no doubt understands the legal system such as it is better than anyone. He says his client is insane or something, but it is the system that is insane beyond a doubt. If anyone is happy, he should sing songs of joy, and he should not have to answer to people who believe that they have a monopoly on happiness, but provide only misery.

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