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Just in: an important Beatles mentor has died

Tony Sheridan, a British rock’n'roll musician who guided and recorded the Beatles in their early Hamburg days, died this weekend, aged 72.

Sheridan, Norwich born, took his band The Jets to Hamburg in 1960 and helped make the Reeperbahn swing to a younger beat. He befriended the Beatles, who backed him on a single, My Bonnie, which caught the attention of Brian Epstein, the Liverpool store manager who became their impresario. The rest, as they say… RIP

tony sheridan



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  1. Sheridan and The Beatles were actually recorded by Bert Kaempfert who was a Hamburg band leader and record producer (ad also a good friend of my father). When they went back to England and suddenly became very successful, the problem was they were still under contract for recordings with Kaempfert, so Epstein contacted him to find out how much it would cost to buy out the contract. His response was that he didn’t need them anymore and that he was happy they were successful on their own now, so he just gave them the contract back for nothing. He never regretted that decision as he had landed a number of big international hits himself, among them “Strangers in the Night”, “Danke Schoen”, “Wooden Heart”, “L-O-V-E” and many others.

    • Midge Marsden says:

      Good story Michael, I remember ” My Bonnie” still have the single, grew up listening to Bert Kaempfort on the radio when I was a kid in New Plymouth NZ ! RIP Tony.

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