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Jordi Savall dedicates new album to the suffering of Syria

He’s recording right now in Barcelona with the Syrian┬ásinger, composer and oud player, Waed Bou Hassoun.

waed bou hassan

This we need to hear.

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  1. The mainstream media doesn’t cover the horrific killings, torture and displacement of Syrian civilians caught in the crossfire of the struggle. Christians are particularly targeted by Islamists because they supported the Assad regime and enjoyed tolerance under his government but are now suffering numerous and grave abuses. Any medium that raises awareness of the carnage in Syria is to be welcomed.

    • Some of the “mainstream media” does indeed cover the tragedies and outrages visited on civilians in the Syrian civil war.

      Just a few hours ago on US public radio, I heard two reports on the subject: one on the difficulties faced by Syrian refugees in Lebanon, where it’s now illegal to set up formalized refugee camps (this because of Lebanon’s past difficulties with Palestinian refugees), and the other on entire towns and small cities in central Syria which have been completely emptied and then burned by Assad government forces.

      And that was just this afternoon.

  2. there we go again…..the politically correct bullshit. When Assad is gone, a dictator will be replaced by another one and far, far worse…the Assad regime is an enlightened regime compared to what we’re going to get instead..Arab spring? My ass

  3. Very true, though I’d question whether a better understanding could be gained from the mainstream media.

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