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‘In the New York Philharmonic, they said I was antisemite’

I went to Paris last month to see Kurt Masur, much frailer in body and voice than when we last met. He is battling Parkinson’s Disease and advancing age – he’s 85 – but his spirit is indomitable and he is determined to conduct as much and as long as he can, with orchestras that have formed the mainstay of his life.

We talked, in a podcast for Sinfini, about episodes from different parts of his life – the Nazi era, his friendship with Klaus Tennstedt, his confrontations with Communist leaders and his period in New York. The memory that sprang to mind was the day that some players in the Philharmonic accused him of being an antisemite. It happened to be Good Friday.

Listen to the half-hour interview here.masur paris

Mr Masur is presently recovering from a hip replacement operation, after a fall in a Tel Aviv hotel.

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  1. What a marvelous, marvelous interview.

  2. richardcarlisle says:


    Words can’t do it– expressing adequate appreciation for your effort invested and interview accomplished with this music nobility giant.

    Seeing Kurt Mazur in person when he was with NYP, fofllowing his career, now your interview… it is a pinnacle
    for you both.

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