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‘How to sing Gloriana upside down, in a corset’

A sparky young Brit singers, Elisabeth Meister, has put up a blog about her early experiences – including a stint in Birtwistle’s The Minotaur in which she had to avoid bashing the bull’s nose. Her account is candid, literate and illuminating. Read Elizabeth here.¬†Especially if you’re a singer.

Elisabeth Meister photo By BRIAN TARR2008_2 copy photo(c) Brian Tarr


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  1. Francis Schwartz says:

    If the articulate Elisabeth Meister sngs as well as she writes, I predict a stellar career for her. It is always a pleasure to work with intelligent, musical singers. Best of luck, Elisabeth.

    • Elisabeth Meister says:

      Thank you, Mr Schwartz, for that lovely comment. Coming for you, that really is praise, I’m touched.

  2. What a wonderful post by Elisabeth Meister. It was a great read.

  3. Hi Elizabeth,

    Reading your stories is inspiring –here is someone with great talents, tenacity and passion–
    who is not afraid of meeting challenges.
    It is never easy being a singer and performer–the audience is never satisfied unless there is excellence.

    I read this when I was 16-
    There is no greatness without discipline, no discipline without sacrifice.

    I could not afford viloin lessons nor a violin in my early teens–I borrowed my cousin’s and taught myself to play by ear—within a short time, I could play Toselli’s Serenata, Schubert’s Standchen and ASve Maria–all by ear…
    I did not become a musician but an economist–what a different world from music.
    Have been fiddling since–I can play 400 pieces by ear–not violin concertos….

    Sing some operatic arias as tenor–my favourite is POURQUOI M’REVEILLE.

    With all my best wishes.

  4. Judith Lynn says:

    Wonderful blog! Hope to hear you sing soon!

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