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Head of strings quits at scandal-hit RNCM

The Royal Northern College of Music tonight issued the following statement:

‘Professor Malcolm Layfield has left his post as Head of School of Strings at the Royal Northern College of Music, his position at the College having become untenable.’


Layfield is one of nine teachers under police investigation over allegations of sexual relationships he pursued with students at the college.

More shortly.

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  1. [small redaction for legal reasons]

    We have deemed illicit, immortal, even illegal, relationships that once were OK. No one in my era (pushing 70) would have batted an eyelash over a Professor/Graduate Assistant relationship now, of course, utterly improper, verbotten. I know of a long defunct area company where it was known the President’;s Secretary and office staff were expected to put out for and other male execs. HR always knew, if they got a etrmination notice for a woman that noted “Had a disagreement with [company CEO, Treasurer etc.] it was because she wouldn’t sleep with them. Immortal, imorper, now grounds for, at least, harrassment charges, YOU BET. But in the 60s, expected. I’ll be eager to learn more of this as well as the charges re Curtis etc.

    BTW, having been a voice teacher, I can say it is, indeed, a very intimate relationship. I had students pour their hearts out to me including a woman then a teenage BOY. I always had a female accompanist as I could not play, try to read the music (esp. piano reducations of opera scores!) and listen to my singers simultaneously. I was then deeply closeted, not even “out” to myself but NEVER considered sex w/any of my students even if other teachers (supposedly) did. Fanatsies are another thing! But how much of this is real and how much fantasy? The line was sometimes crossed in MY day. Now, given the internet, Facebook, Twietter, Instgram, etc., etc., etc., I wonder how young people CAN tell the difference!

  2. Abigail Clifford says:

    One doubts if he will ever perform/teach again. In a way quite tragic.

  3. I owe Malcolm a huge debt of gratitude as one of his ex pupils. He was an excellent and inspirational teacher and thanks to him I earn a living doing what I love and that’s passing on my knowledge gained through my lessons with him. Great shame ! However I can never condone his alledged behaviour. Very tragic story.

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