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Good catch: Indy tags next boss in Cleveland

The Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, which emerged from a gruelling lockout with the trophy scalp of its last manager, has gone to Cleveland for its next chief executive.

Gary Ginstling, who is general manager of the Cleveland Orchestra (one rung below the prez), will take over at Indy within weeks.

Credit to both orchs.


Ginstling’s the guy on the left. No prizes for naming the music director.

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  1. Well, the second sentence ought to be paid some attention. Probably means the board, which got the orchestra in its mess in the first place, has done it again by paying the CEO a fortune, whilst continuing to reduce musicians’ salaries, benefits, et al.

    Plus ça change…..

    “It’s a great day,” said Martha Lamkin, ISO board chair. “I think people will sense an excitement in the leadership.”

    *** The symphony declined to release details of his contract. ***

    In a time when classical orchestras have seen their audiences

  2. Wing-chi Chan says:

    Minnesota Symphony has been far behind the steps of Indianapolis and lost thousands of dollars each month for keeping their baby CEO!!

  3. gary was a star clarinettist in the early years of michael tilson-thomas’ new world symphony in miami. he is well remembered. good luck in indianapolis.

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