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Breaking: Fresh disaster for Kurt Masur – a fall in Tel Aviv and a broken hip

We have just received the very distressing news from the Israel Philharmonic that Kurt Masur fell and broke his hip. He was taken to Ichilov hospital and underwent surgery.

Masur last year suffered a similar fall in the podium in Paris, breaking his shoulder. He subsequently announced on Slipped Disc that he was receiving treatement for Parkinson’s Disease, but intended to continue conducting. When I saw him in Paris less than three weeks ago (below) he was in high spirits and enjoying his music more than ever. Our interview will be published shortly.

masur paris


Here is the statement, just issued, by the Israel Philharmonic. Masur will be replaced in concert by Doron Salomon.

אמש, לאחר סיום החזרה עם התזמורת, מעד המנצח קורט מזור ושבר את רגלו. היום נותח (בהצלחה) בבית החולים ‘איכילוב’, ואנו שולחים לו ברכת החלמה מהירה.

מטבע הדברים, ייבצר ממזור לנצח על הקונצרטים הקרובים של התזמורת עליהם היה אמור לנצח.

את מקומו יחליף המנצח דורון סלומון.


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  1. I admire this man´s determination and love for music and life. Sincerely. I hope he gets better soon.

  2. Sharing with him the podium at a concert with Orchestre National de France when I was 26 was one of the scariest and most exciting days of my life. You know, in my 22 years as conductor I always stumble on someone who asks this question:” do orchestras really need a conductor?” and my answer is:” no.” A conductor, no , not necessarily, an intepreter of the piece; yes!
    Orchestras nowadays are so good and sophisticated, they can indeed play without a conductor, without his…physical help in a way. But an orchestra , like a huge magnificent instrument that they are, always needs a good musician to “play” it and those are hard to find. I hope Masur continues to “play”:-)

  3. time to hang up the baton — for his own safety!

    • Malcolm James says:

      A hip replacement may be a routine procedure, but at 85 he’s going to be out of action for quite some time. Sadly, I have to agree with Jeffrey.

    • Well, he does not conduct with a baton, so I guess he already fulfilled your wish !

  4. Mark Stratford says:

    I see that Pierre Boulez has cancelled his February concerts with EIC because of yet more complications with his eyesight. Last year he withdrew from LSO, CSO and Cleveland events because of the same thing.

    Poor guy – and poor us. His concerts have always been major events.

    • Malcolm James says:

      Sir Colin Davis cancelled a number of concerts last year due to health problems. this is simply an occupational hazard of being in your mid 80s.

      • Mark Stratford says:

        Masur, Boulez and Colin Davis are all growing old with charm and dignity. Compare this with the sad sight of Andre Previn who has been getting increasingly rude and sulky in interviews. Slipped Disc gave a link last year to a frightful Pittsburgh radio interview.

        And Previn used to be such a witty man !

  5. one has to know when to quit….regardless of how wonderful they are…

    • Canuck,

      Tuff point. When someone have to quit? Age or health are the main facts? Perhaps Georg Tintner was thinking in the same way. Unfortunately it is not a job like many others. You are quitting to your live and believes, it is not just a retirement from the corporation.
      I think there are many young conductors that should quit asap, although they are health, cute, fluffy. Leave Masur trying to do the thing he gave his whole life for. Also, I would support Sawallisch if he want to start it again.

  6. Alexandros Rigas says:

    This is sad. We wish him a quick recovery. He is a wodnerful man of iron will and with a mission. We, as Greeks living in a desert land in terms of claccisal music concert life (god save the recording industry), we owe him eternally for his complete Beethoven (2 times: OnF and LPO), Brahms and Schumann as well as his visiting concerts with the Gewandhaus and NYPO orchestras. He visited Greece more that any other international conductor and we are grateful. Please convery this to him when you meet him again.

    I kindly disagree with canuck’s comment. The Great musicians never quit unless they artistically fade (I listen to all Masur vroadcast concerts and all of them show his usual qualitities an dedication to the spirit of the composers as well as the love the orchestras generously offer him). I was deeply sad when Sawallisch had declared that, Gott es will, “I will not die on the podium”.

  7. eitan bezalel says:

    I admire this great musician & conductor! What an amazing musician!!!!!!

  8. Actually no, Stamatia. He has blazed a trail in being quite open about his ailments.

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