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Daniel Barenboim bears the German cross

He was awarded theĀ Bundesverdienstkreuz (Federal Cross of Merit) by PresidentĀ Joachim Gauck this morning. A belated 70th birthday brooch.

barenboim german cross

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  1. Daniel deserves it! Menahem Pressler has one too that I got for him for his 80th birthday, only it was presented to him in his birthplace Magdeburg, Germany.

    • I Totally agree

      Considering Barenboim efforts in order to make not just Israel and Arabian countries getting along each order, but also forgetting the past mistakes and helping things to go forward for the German culture. Perhaps He is not my favorite conductor, but his Wagner can be outstanding in some circumstances.

  2. Congratulations to Barenboim. He deserves it for what he has done for the Staatsoper.

  3. Bob Burns says:

    May God love and protect this incredible artist and human being. Congratulations, Maestro.

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