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Chetham’s head during sex abuse years became a bishop… and still heads a school

Peter Hullah was the well-liked head of Chetham’s Music School who walked in on Mike Brewer while he was fondling a naked girl pupil.

Hullah – the Revd. Peter Hullah at the time – declared at Brewer’s trial that he had acted ‘honourably’ in arranging Brewer’s dismissal from the school under a health pretext. Under questioning from the judge, he admitted it was a cover-up.

Someone needs to ask Hullah – Bishop Hullah of Ramsbury – what he knew of the other sex-pest teachers at Chetham’s whom the Guardian has diligently exposed. Did he turn a blind eye? the other cheek? a new leaf?

Bishop Hullah ceased to be a bishop in 2005, though retaining the title. He then became head of the Northampton Academy.

Bishop Peter Hullah_ Canon of Yatesbury_

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  1. The former Bishop of Ramsbury is no longer head of Northampton Academy (as your link confirms). He now does charity consultation – he is listed on LinkedIn as being “Director for Ethos and Values” for United Learning (a Christian schools network of which Northampton Academy is a part). He has just taken up a post as Director of charity Together for Sudan ( His own charity consultancy business is called “Hopeful Leadership Ltd”…..

  2. Hullahlluya!

  3. Not Amused says:

    In the years in which I had contact with Rev Hullah in Chets, he impressed me as an honest, no-nonsense Headteacher, a good administrator and someone who does solve problems – sometimes with imaginative solutions – rather than let them fester on. I think that the bad press which he gets here is totally mistaken and misplaced. Hullah acted quickly and in a most determined way to get rid of Michael Brewer, and also of at least two other teachers which were not mentioned so far in the press. You need to understand that during the nineties the law was not on his side. At that time there was no law to prevent teachers in educational institutions from having consensual sex with female pupils who were 16 or 17-years-old. I think that getting rid of such teachers immediately was the best that he could do, and that unfortunately a cover-up was the only way open to him without involving the school in legal claims which the school might well have lost. I believe that the correct address for complaints and questions regarding not doing anything about sexual abuse should be the Headteacher who was there at the time of all this abuse in the 1970′s and 1980′s and possibly early 1990′s, before the appointment of Rev Hullah. Also, the police investigation should be itself investigated : how come eventually they did nothing at all and apparently closed the file !! The police have a lot to answer to about this case, because it is unthinkable or at least unlikely that they investigated Chris Ling without also learning about Brewer or Layfield. If they did not hear about them while investigating Ling, it means that their investigators were not up to it for one reason or another.

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