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Breaking: Russian opera and ballet boss has passport seized by bailiffs

Vladmir Kekhman, owner of the adventurous Mikhailosly Theatre in St Petersburg, was served with a travel ban today by bailiffs seeking to collect 285 million rubles in alleged unpaid bank debts.


Border agencies have been notified not to allow Kekhman to leave the country for six months, after which the order may be renewed. Police have entered the theatre and conducted searches.

The bailiffs were acting on behalf of several banks, including Sberbank, Uralsib, Raiffeisenbank and Bank of Moscow.

The moves follow a partial bankruptcy filing earlier this month by his fruit-importing wing Kekhman Group, founded in 1997. Kekhman has owned and revitalised the theatre since 2007.

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  1. This is a surprise …

    285 million rubles is roughly $9.5 million or 7 million euros; I wouldn’t think that would be such a huge amount for a Russian oligarch. But if his fruit empire is in trouble, then maybe he really doesn’t have the money. Alas for the Mikhailovsky.

    I’d like to say that I’m glad to see Russian authorities properly enforcing the law in big money cases like this – if only I had more faith in Russian authorities to simply and fairly enforce the law.

  2. Kekhman is some entrepreneur and has created quite a company with the Mikhailovsky Theater, but it has also included the signing (aka luring or poaching) of some of the Bolshoi’s and ABT’s finest. ( See, for example, )
    Given all of the intrigue, high passion and rough play at the Bolshoi, as well as his bankruptcy filings, Kerkhman seems to have had his share of enemies as well as fans.
    (See: where it is reported he defrauded the above-referenced banks when his international fruit company took out fraudulent loans on allegedly non-existent contracts. Damages are estimated at over $330 million. Sounds like something out of the Mayfair Set. Wonder if any of that money went into the Mikhailovsky and if so, if there would be a clawback of any of the stars’ salaries.). Lots of missing bananas, though no broken kneecaps………….yet.

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