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Another prominent artist is attacked in Moscow street

The concertmaster (piano repetiteur) of the State Tchaikovsky conservatoire, Marat Mansyrev, was attacked and severely beaten at 9pm last night near the Shchukinskaya Metro station. He suffered a broken nose and other injuries. Two other musicians were among four victims of the gang.

Mansyrev heard his attackers speaking the Chechen language and there are suspicions that the attack, reminiscent of the acid attack on the Bolshoi’s Sergei Filin, may have been politically motivated. A policeman is reported to have stood by and done nothing.

marat mansyrev

A singer friend, Tatochka Konkova, reports the following on her Facebook page:

Друзья мои! Вчера вечером у метро Щукинская жестоко избили и отобрали документы у моего хорошего друга – потрясающего человека, Музыканта с огромной буквы, концертмейстера Государственной консерватории им.П.И.Чайковского, клавишника известного тангового проекта Soledad orquesta, участника нашего благотворительного проекта Marat Mansyrev.
Человек, который всю жизнь посвятил искусству, не может дать отпор ГОПНИКАМ. Давайте что-то делать, ведь ИХ столько – на каждом углу они рядом с нашими детьми, орут, пьют, избивают!!! И ОБЯЗАТЕЛЬНО неподалеку стоит скучающий сотрудник полиции.
Прошу вас, среди вас есть ЖУРНАЛИСТЫ, ведь мы что-то можем сделать???
Вот что мне написала жена музыканта:
“Вчера у метро Щукинская избили 4 человека, били чеченцы, человек 6, избили Марата( у него перелом носа без смещения), подбит сильно левый глаз, гематома, скулы и челюсть жутко болят, грудина…Слава только БОГУ целы руки,ноги, иначе музыкант – всё. Опух весь… у 2-го человека открытая черепно-мозговая травма, от метро сразу отвезли в реанимацию, разбиты губы(3 шва), а он вокалист, препод в муз.школе(откуда они и шли, с работы в девятом часу), ещё поет в хоре МВД, его завалили сразу и дубасили ногами по чем попало. Третий получил вывих плеча, рассеченную бровь, поломаны ребра, а ещё был один, он просто стоял у метро, он в реанимации, там что-то похуже. Менты приехали, заявление написали, эти уроды отобрали сумки, там были документы, паспорт у Марата.”

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  1. The russian text says that four guys were beaten up, including a person unrelated to the three musicians. So neither that similar to the acid attack, nor political. Violent acts involving Chechens are not unheard of in Russia (I dare say, they are common), but as far as I understand they are rarely specifically targeted, it’s more of a “he looked at me in the wrong way” kind of thing.

    • Is Marat Mansyrev himself Chechen? His name certainly sounds like it’s from one of the Muslim ethnic groups in the southern parts of the Russian Federation.

  2. The word “концертмейстер” does not mean “repetiteur/coach”. It means simply “accompanist”. Those working in conservatoires certainly do a little bit of rehearsing (which includes some coaching) with students, but mostly they just accompany – in class and in performances. It looks to me like “Leonid” (the first commenter here) is quite right about this sad story.

  3. In fact, “концертмейстер” in other contexts could very well mean Orchestra Leader (concertmaster) or actually a leader (principal) of any orchestral string section. But the word has several meanings. In this case, the person is working as “концертмейстер” in a conservatoire which means that he is a pianist who accompanies students. Any good musician, including even me, can be a “coach” in an institution of musical learning, but only a pianist-accompanist can be “концертмейстер”. My family and i don’t know this man but we certainly wish him a full and speedy recovery.

  4. That last sentence by RT here is a rather curious sudden switch of attention and change of subject to the financial side of music.
    Anyway, “opera houses” are irrelevant in this case because the unfortunate victim of the brutal beating described here is working in a conservatoire, not in an opera house. My point, put as simply as i possibly can, remains the following: there is a difference between a coach and a pianist-accompanist, and Marat Mansyrev is clearly the latter. There is neither “disdain” nor its opposite in this statement – it is merely a fact. So, Daina Svabe, in my opinion, is essentially correct, while Norman Lebrecht’s description at the top of this post is still inaccurate.

  5. Daina Svabe says:

    In this message the Russian word “концертмейстер” is used in its traditional / broad meaning. I.e., a piano accompanist. Although an accompanist in the particular case of an opera house performs the role of a “coach”, it’s irrelevant to this situation, because The Moscow State Conservatoire is not an opera house, obviously… Besides, the Russian message describes in more details that Mr Mansyrev is an outstanding [solo] musician, as well as a “keyboard” player in some tango project. Therefore, he *absolutely* is NOT just a “coach”, and the appropriate English translation should be used.

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