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Bolshoi boss ‘absolutely certain’ he knows his attacker’ but won’t name him

Sergei Filin, artistic director of the Bolshoi Ballet, has repeated in a BBC interview that he knows who was behind the acid attack that has put him out of action for several months. He blames his own failure to take precautions ┬áby hiring a driver/bodyguard and says he won’t identify those behind the attack until the police complete their investigation. ‘I’m absolutely certain I know who did this,’ he tells the BBC’s Steve Rosenberg.

Although Filin has stepped aside from his job for several months of painstaking recuperation, company sources tell us that he is still involved in major decisions – such as the cancellation of Wayne McGregor’s centennial production of The Rite of Spring, what was intended as the centrepiece of the company’s residency at Covent Garden this summer. The Bolshoi in London will not lack for private security.

sergei filin

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