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US orchestra stages airport occupation


sarasotaA couple of weeks back we showed how an orchestra in Romania took over the local airport. Good ideas never stay in one place for very long. This week, the Sarasota Orchestra, Florida, with conductor Andrew Lane, took over Bradenton International Airport. Watch.

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  1. Classical music flash mobs are getting old!!!

    • Taking music out of the concert hall and into the community is getting old? Bringing enjoyment to people who might not otherwise come to concerts is getting old? Not when I see the happiness it brings like in this video.

      • Laura Conrad says:

        There is a woman in pink that I watched from “behind the scenes” who was near the harp then caught in the middle for a few moments as the musicians arrived around her. I managed to take some still photos on my iPhone at the time. The surprise and excitement on her face as she realizes what was happening was worth all the planning and work (although I was able to just watch the whole thing unfold thanks to the capable hands of Cheeko Matsusaka and the rest of the planning committee). It is encouraging to me to see the organization as a whole excited about this project and taking ownership of it.

    • Classical Music Flash Mobs are only old hat to folks like you, who ready blogs like this every day. I’m sure they’re quite fresh to the fractional percentage of the populace that don’t.

    • I for one, would love to happen upon a Flash Mob.
      “Old Hat?”

      I hope things like this that give joy, never become old hat.

  2. Cheeko Matsusaka says:

    I found this on my twitter feed this morning, thinking it was yet another report on banned, broken or misappropriated musical instruments. Imagine my happy surprise to see my orchestra’s flash mob up in music blog Nirvana!

    It’s true that good ideas never stay in one place for long, but they can emerge simultaneously. The project was in the works for about 4 months and filmed back in January. It was a true collaborative effort between musicians, orchestra management and the airport officials at SRQ. Best of all, it was a lot of fun!

    • Good to know that! Happy days in Sarasota, and you were the instigator, I hear.

      • Cheeko Matsusaka says:

        ….a bit evangelical at times as well… Flash mobs aren’t new, but what they can offer to the health of an organization during the planning process is invaluable – long after the 3 minutes of youtube fame are over.

  3. What a great idea and a lovely surprise for those traveling.

    We could use that at MSP today, to cheer everyone up from the -25 wind chills…

  4. Yes, classical music flash mobs are getting a bit Old Hat, but if they do just a little to bring the music to the people
    then I can live with them. Some are blatent commercials, like that Spanish Bank one, very costly production etc. so no more of those please. The Hallelujah Chorus one in the shopping mall is great, so many people having a great time with Handel’s music. With some spontanaiity, a lively location, lots of surprised listeners a classical flash mob can be a wonderful introduction to the music for many in situ and on screen.

  5. christopher says:

    bet the HSecurity guy wanted to frisk the harpist

  6. what a wonderful, unexpected gift. these people will never forget the experiene!

  7. Great way to think outside the box for publicity! Looking good in Sarasota!

    On a side note, if one is going to write negative comments, why not write your name instead of hiding behind the anonymity of the internet? To do otherwise is quite pathetic.

  8. I would hold a sign says ” Some of those priceless instruments have been and will be destroyed by the airlines with lack of or refuse to understand how important they are to our lives”

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